General Job Descriptions

Adult Supervisors-Responsible for the set-up of the activities for the day. Responsible for daily supplies, setting up classroom and setting up backup activities, as needed. Responsible for the supervision of the groups assigned to this area at a designated time, as well as the development and learning of their subject area (Dance, Athletics, Games, Science, Art). Supervisors will provide basic instruction and assign group counselors to assist the campers in doing the activities, when appropriate.

Head Group Counselors-Student Staff are responsible for the daily attendance of the campers, following the daily activity schedule, keeping all campers safe, and overall general supervision of the group. Head Counselors will be designated at the beginning of the camp season and each group will have a minimum of one Head Counselor. The Head Counselor will be responsible for communicating any necessary information to the parents and be the liaison between the campers, parents and Administrative Staff.

Junior Counselors-Student Staff are to assist the Head Counselors in whatever role deemed necessary when working with the groups. They will assist the Adult Supervisors as they are assigned. The Junior Counselor is learning the skills to become a Head Counselor in the future.

Lifeguards/Swim Instructors are responsible for maintaining water safety and for conducting group swim lessons throughout the camp day. Senior life-saving certification must be obtained prior to employment.

All Counselors must be 16 years old (or 15 years old following a successful completion of our CIT program.)

Head/Jr.Counselor Requirements:
1. Standard First Aid
2. Adult/Child CPR (with AED preferred)
3. All swim instructors must have senior life-saving certification
4. All counselors/lifeguards must attend a pre-camp orientation training prior to camp

All prospective counselors / lifeguards / swim instructors should download our employment application.

All HIRED counselors need to submit a 2024 W-4 form, which is NOT YET AVAILABLE, upon returning their signed contract.

All HIRED counselors need to submit the I9 Form upon returning their signed contract.

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