Q Where do I drop off my child in the morning?

a. Early Drop Off (7:30am to 8:30 AM)-extra fee per week; includes breakfast-Dining Hall
b. Regular Drop Off (8:30-8:50 AM)
i. Age 4 and 5 (Air Conditioned Room below gym)
ii.. Ages 6-9 (Athletic Center)
iii. Ages 9-13 (Senior Circle)
iv. Specialty Camps (Athletic Center)
c. 1/2 Day Guppies (8:30-9:00)
i. Air Conditioned Room Below Gym

Q Where do I pick up my child in the afternoon?

a. Regular Pick Up (3:10-3:30 PM)
i. Age 4 and 5 (Air Conditoned Rooms below Gym)
ii. Ages 6-9 (Athletic Center)
iii. Ages 9-13 (Senior Circle)
iv. Specialty Camps (Athletic Center)
v. Sibling/Family Pick-Up (next to Athletic Center-rolling pick up)
b. 1/2 Day Guppies (12:30-12:45 PM)
i. Air Conditioned Room below gym
c. Extended Day (3:30 pm to 6:00 pm)-extra fee per week; includes snack-Athletic Center

Q What is the counselor to camper ratio?

a. Approximately 6 campers to 1 counselor
• Most groups have at least 4-5 counselors
• ½ day Guppies (age 3.5-4.5) have 1 Certified Adult Teacher and 4-5 counselors
• Age 4 and 5 year old groups have 5-6 counselors (Coed Groups with Male and Female Counselors)
• Age 6 to Age 14 groups grouped according to gender
• Occasionally boy groups will have 1 female counselor in addition to male counselors

Q What are the age and experience of the Counselors?

a. Age 16 to College
b. Each group will have a blend of personalities and ages of counselors
c. Each group will have a “head” counselor who has at least 2-3 years experience as a counselor and usually a graduated senior or currently enrolled in college
d. All counselors are required to attend an orientation, which includes basic first aid, sexual harassment training, group safety, schedule and programming.
e. All new counselors to MBS are interviewed prior to hiring and references are checked
f. 90% of counselors have affiliation to school community (ie: current students, alumni, faculty or staff children, former campers)

Q How many campers are in each group?

a. Can range from 20-30. Average group size is 27 during the busiest weeks in July.
b. Age 4 and 5 year old full-day campers will have approximately 20 campers per group
c. Age 3.5-4.5 half-day campers will have no more than 15 campers

Q Who leads the activities at MBS Day Camp?

a. Each group will travel to 8-9 different activities each day. Each activity is headed by 1-2 Adult Supervisors. These schoolteachers, professionals, and college students have a special desire to help and motivate the campers in a unique and enjoyable way.

Q Is there a full time certified health officer on staff?

a. Yes! Morristown-Beard School has a certified athletic trainer and/or EMT on staff and at camp at all times. Our Health Director handles the everyday occurrences and the dispensing of medication. A medical history and a medical release form allowing our trainer to dispense medication is available online and also will be sent to you in your registration packet. These forms need to be on file prior to your campers first day at camp.

Q In the event of a medical emergency, what is the procedure?

a. In an emergency, our trainer/nurse will contact the Morristown Police and Rescue Squad. A staff member will accompany your camper to Morristown Memorial Hospital and will stay with your child until you arrive.

Q What does my tuition cover?

a. Regular drop off to Regular pick up
b. Daily towel for pool time
c. Drink during lunch
d. Camp T-shirt
e. Morning Snack and Drink

Q How do I register for camp?

a. Go to http://summer.mbs.net
b. Create Family Account
c. Register each child separately
d. Make sure you enter full name for both parents, address, emergency contact info and medical info for each camper
e. Once campers are on your account, you click on the campers name to see our registration form. Here you check which weeks you would like to attend and what camps you wish to enroll. Finally, you can choose any of our extra fee programs (early drop off, lunch, or extended day) by week.
f. Once you finish registration form online, mail in application fee by February 4, 2022 and tuition deposit by March 4, 2022 to reserve your spot. (if registration fee is not received, spot will be lost) Mail fee to Camp Business Office, Morristown-Beard School, 70 Whippany Road, Morristown, NJ 07960.
g. If you receive a confirmation via email, your registration for Camp 2022 has been accepted.
h. If you receive a letter, you are placed on the wait list (most camps fill up by Mid-Late March)
i. In Mid-April you will receive the Parent Handbook package that will offer specifics on each camp you are registered for including our campus map, parking guidelines and what to bring to camp.
j. 25 % of family balance due by March 4, 2022 to secure spot in camp.
k. You can make any changes to your account online up until May 6th by logging onto your family account (DON'T FORGET YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD)
l. Full Tuition Balance is due May 6th to Business Office (if full tuition not received, spot will be lost).
m. Phone in/walk-in registration will be charged a $85 application fee. Please contact Cathy Meller in the Business Office at 973-539-3032 x570.
n. Please note, no refunds, for any reason will be issued after June 1, 2022.

Q Can I tour the facility?

a. Yes
b. To schedule a tour, please contact the Day Camp Office at 973-532-7569 and ask for Stephanie Galvez.

Morristown Beard School 70 Whippany Rd.
Morristown, NJ 07960 Phone: 973-539-3032 | Fax: 973-539-1590

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